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Q:  What is the warranty?

A:  We personally warranty our customers, this warranty covers parts for 2 or 5 years depending on the Brand you purchase from us. You can read about our warranty in more detail at the WARRANTY tab on our website.

Q:  How many sq ft does this cover?

A:  As a general rule Cooling is about 500 sq ft per ton, while Heating is around 250 sq ft per ton. *Please keep in mind there are many more factors than sq ft alone that help us determine what BTU will be best for you needs. 

Q: Does it come with everything needed?

A:  Single Zone Kits come with everything needed to operate, this includes 

  • INDOOR Air Handler 
  • OUTDOOR Compressor 
  • Lineset, Signal Wire, Drain Tube 

Q:  Can I DIY and still be under Warranty?

A:  YES, at MIN SPLIT SUPPLY we warranty and support our customers who want to DIY we even have helpful Install Videos on the systems we carry that can be found on the Mini Split Supply YOUTUBE tab. 

Q:  What are the brands you carry? 

A:  We carry ConfortotalUSA and NG Trade 

Q:  Do you have these IN STOCK or do you need time to order it for me?

A:  All our systems are IN STOCK so when you need it, you can get it same day. 

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Michael Lasseigne - March 12, 2024

I just found your YouTube video.
I was impressed.
Thank you for first showing which items to buy from Harbor Freight. That was VERY HELPFUL.
Also, a BIG deal, is that you warrant diy. Very big deal.
I have a friend who helps me a lot.
He knows cars and handyman stuff.
I’m pretty sure we could install a mini pump.*
But he doesn’t own a vacuum pump.
Today we thought of Harbor Freight. We have one nearby.

I sourced stuff on Amazon, but I wasn’t really sure about anything. Did hoses come with a vacuum pump? Do I need sealant? Does it matter if the vacuum tester is digital or analog? Etc.
Your video was straight forward.
If you are the guy installing outdoors, on a prop. You had a five way bike tool for allen wrench…

Amazon sells mrcool, which advertises as diy.
But, right on the same page, it says if you diy, you void warranty. So you are unique.

My friend and I looked at cost of a unit, 6k or 9k btu.
The cost of getting an hvac company to come out to the small town where I live would cost the same as buying two additional heat pumps! That doesn’t make sense.

Ps. I see you left your lines rolled up.
Also you didn’t use sealant, small, toothpaste tube, blue, at flares.

One hvac pro made a video, perhaps dissing diy.
He said coolant can pool up in the dips of the rolled hoses. He said they should be flat.

But if you’ve had good feedback, over time, I think you know what you’re doing.

I’ll likely place an order by this summer.
Willow Creek, California
Mountains of Humboldt County
Gets cold in summer, not like Missouri. The worst winter it was 17degrees and my pipes froze…
Summers are hot. Over 100 sometimes. But dry.

Our local utility has been raising rates like crazy.
I have all electric house with radiator heaters. Expensive.
I need a het pump.

*I’ve seen one video where tubes came out the side. Through a punch out.
My set up would be better if I could run out the left side, then through an exterior wall.
I want to mount vent on interior living room wall, near door to bedroom. That way it might heat bedroom as well as living room. I’d run tubes to the left for half a foot, then out the house.
It looks like your units have that punch out.
Also, I wonder if NG also has inside 110 plug?
That is a very good feature on the Comfort? Model. Much easier.

If you have a chance to scan my questions, I’d appreciate it.
No rush.
I’m watching YouTube videos and gathering data.
Hope to get all my ducks in a row soon, when the weather gets better.
Been raining in northern California for months! Had snow last week.

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