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Sizing Your Space

Sizing Your Space

When it comes to Ductless Heat Pumps there are many factors to take into consideration when sizing your space.

  • Is it a Cold Climate (hyper heat) Heat Pump?

Most Mini Splits on the market at this time are not "cold climate" heat pumps unless you are in Northern States and it is Certified as a Hyper Heat system. 

Cold Climate Heat Pumps are designed to work at full capacity down to 0 degrees F

Unless it is certified as a cold climate heat pump it is most likely designed to function at 75% capacity at 5 degrees and if you live in Missouri like us 98% of the time this type of unit will be sufficient to provide you the comfort you expect while saving you money. BUT that 2% of the time when it does drop below 15 degree F you will need to start supplementing your Heat. This is why we encourage our customers to size up if they plan to use it as their only source of Heat. 

  • Insulation, how well is your space insulated?

This will factor into the BTU needed to provide you the comfort you want. 

  • Volume, square footage is not the only determination for BTU.

Square footage to BTU are generally based on 8ft ceilings. When you have vaulted or taller than 8ft ceilings the added volume needs to be considered when sizing your space properly. 

Did we miss something? If you have questions about your space, how to size it and want more information than we provided here

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Megan - July 13, 2024

Please call us with any questions, we have not figured out how to respond to comments left on blogs yet.
573-410-2769 Megan
480-338-6197 Dustin

George Morris - March 24, 2024

I’m finding it difficult to properly outfit my new 1200 ft home (not built yet) with the proper mini split units. In reading the many sizing charts, mini splits are chosen by the square footage of each room or area. My three bedrooms are about the same and the charts all indicate that they each need about a 6000 btu mini split. Our living and kitchen area are open space and the chart indicates a 12000 btu mini split. I do not want a bunch of different compressors outside my home. I need a resolution. Also, I want to install my own units.

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