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Why we prefer Single Zone Mini Splits

Why we prefer Single Zone Mini Splits

We do offer Multi-Zone systems, but here we share why we prefer Single Zone systems.

Single Zone means 1 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit.

1 to 1 systems give you more control over your zones when it comes to controlling the mode ie: Heat or AC and temperature.

Multi-Zone systems work the best when each indoor unit is set to the same mode and set within a few degrees of each other.

*There are scenarios when Multi-Zone make more sense, though we have experienced most of the time multiple Single Zone are a better option for many homeowners.* 

1 to 1 systems are often more cost effective.

Multi-Zone are more technical requiring different more expensive technology to handle multiple indoor units on 1 compressor. Service and Parts are also more expensive with Multi-Zone compared to Single Zone systems. 

1 to 1 systems are a lot easier to install than Multi-Zone, homeowners can easily DIY Single Zone equipment while we recommend hiring a professional for Multi-Zones.

1 to 1 Mini Split Kits come with both indoor and outdoor unit including line set.

Multi-Zone are priced separately requiring you to purchase indoor, outdoor and the line set lengths you need to reach each indoor unit. Running extra long line sets can effect efficiency and overall increase your total costs. 

As our experience and knowledge continues to grow and improve, our stance on Multi-Zone equipment may change, but for now we prefer and mostly recommend Single Zone equipment for the reasons listed above. 

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